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What is and what exactly consist of?

Thanks to our large experience we can produce high precision CNC products in booth metallic and technical plastics and delivery them to the client in a few days.


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Tender preparation

Offer delivery in the next 24 hours.

Placing the Order

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Manufacturing begins

Choose between CNC milling and turning process.
Wide range of materials.


The most common alternatives to the CNC production (booth turning and milling process) are the 3D impression and the Plastic Injection Molding.

All these tree productions processes are different, and all move among the subtractive and additive manufacturing technology. The most important particularity is that in the CNC manufacturing process we transform a solid material trough a cutting system while in an additive process we get the custom piece trough a melting or solidification procedure (depending on the 3D printing type) transforming the material from solid to liquid and depositing them layer on layer until obtaining de final piece.

The most important advantage that offers the CNC production in front of others is that trough it we obtain more hardiness and robustness products, with the lowest tolerances possible and a better surface finish.


CNC​ Milling

  • Milling manufacturing system
  • 3 and 5 axis processes
  • Molds solid blocks until produce the final par

CNC Turning

  • Combines booth lathe and milling capabilities
  • Up to 7 axis processes
  • Machines different geometries complex parts from solid and perforated bars


We use a wide range of materials. Many of them are in stock to be able to face increasingly shorter delivery times.

The most used materials are:


We have the means and resources necessary to attach the traceability and quality reports that the client requires to the pieces.


To receive a quote for a part, please provide us with your email address and the 3D model. If you need help modeling your part in 3D, tell us and we will recommend a designer.


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    File Formats

    The ProtoQuote® system accepts files in the following formats:

    • IGES (.igs)
    • STEP (stp)
    • SolidWorks (.sldprt)
    • ProE (.prt)
    • Parasolid (.x_t y .x_b)
    • ACIS (.sat)
    • AutoCAD (.dwg, 3D solo)
    • Autodesk Inventor (.ipt)
    • Compressed (.zip) folders can contain any combination of legacy file types.

    Our 3D printing service can also generate a quote from a Stereolithography file (.stl)

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