Manufacturing for third parties of highly complex and responsible machined parts


Decolletagte Sabadell is a reference company in the manufacture of highly complex and responsible machined parts for third parties thanks to the great diversification of our means of production.


We manufacture both parts and mechanical assemblies for automotive partners and we are particularly specialised in the competition sub-sector. Inner panels, starter motors, cylinder heads, axles, gearboxes, suspension components, carburettors, fluid systems, bushings, valve seals, as well as customised parts.


Given that in this sector many of the parts are exposed to elements or situations of high salinity, it is important to use suitable materials such as tempered steels, duplex, super duplex, copper alloys, monels, titanium’s, bronzes, and cobalt’s. We have a long experience in machining flanges, hydraulic valves, chains, and engine parts in these materials.


We work and collaborate with different manufacturers in the sector in the machining of components present in both aircraft and satellites. We have a specific work methodology to be able to meet the requirements of this sector, both in terms of manufacturing and the provision of documentation regarding materials and dimensional parts.


We manufacture parts present in machinery and equipment for the food industry (meat, food and fruit and vegetable sector) such as technologies for industrial hygiene, cutting rooms, handling, fryers, plastering, stuffing machines, slicers, filleting machines, portioning machines, vacuum packing machines, mincers, saws, pateras and cutters, among many others.


We have extensive experience in the manufacture of parts for the railway sector both nationally and internationally. Both for complete remodelling of interiors and exteriors and for maintenance of railway equipment. Underground lines, medium-long distance, and high-speed breaks.


We specialise in the machining of parts with complex geometries and very strict tolerances in highly corrosion-resistant materials for this sector, such as hastalloy, inconel or nitronic, among others. Pumps, reducers, exchangers, flanges, shafts, seals, and valves among other components.


Our manufacturing system successfully exceeds all the hygienic-sanitary quality standards required in the medical industry and guarantees total control in the manufacture of delicate parts such as prostheses, dental implants, electronic medical equipment, or surgical instruments.


This is one of the sectors in which we have the most experience. We manufacture components for ring-formers, twisting machines, winders, creels, drying, washing, and bleaching lines, steamers, and vacuum units.


From lighting to luxury bathroom articles in materials such as brass with polished finishes or other metallic materials with chrome finishes and aluminium with special decorative anodising. As well as furniture for the catering and hotel industry (cabinets, tables, chairs, armchairs).


Solutions for beverage packaging, filling cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and home care products.


We manufacture components for thermoelectric, wind and hydroelectric power plants. Components for valves and fittings such as diffusers, stuffing boxes or sealing elements.


Display furniture such as counters, floor stands, brand reminders, book renders. For clothing, food, healthcare, sports and leisure brands and shops.


A particularly large sector covering a wide range of components and a wide variety of materials. Shutters, blinds, and ceilings. Vertical mobility. Safety and security. Signage.

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