Top quality materials treated with the latest technology.

Quality materials

Our quality policy reflects our global concern for the company and for all those agents who interact with it. We focus our daily work on achieving short-term goals that allow us to obtain the recognition of our employees and collaborators and the satisfaction of our customers.


Stainless steel, iron, aluminium, bronze, copper, brass, and titanium, among others.

Metals are one of the widest ranges and with more applications in the industry. They are widely used in the manufacture by metal removal. Some of their characteristics and strong points are their behaviour at high temperatures, wear and tear or their toughness.


PA, POM, PC, PP, PEEK, PET, PTFE, PE and PVC among others.

In continuous evolution since their appearance, they are increasingly replacing metals thanks to their advantages: high durability, good viscosity, and impact absorption; good resistance to abrasion; corrosion; chemical resistance; excellent sliding characteristics; high durability; high stability; high resistance to wear and tear; high resistance to corrosion; excellent chemical resistance; excellent sliding characteristics; high durability; high stability.

Top Quality

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